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When young players play with clubs that fit, they quickly develop golf swings that will last a lifetime. The proper club length and weight are keys to solid fundamentals, and that's why players are fit into U.S. Kids Golf clubs based on height, not age. U.S. Kids have three lines of golf clubs that are designed to offer options for every skill set: Yard Club, Ultralight, and Tour Series.

Hats, shirts, gloves, balls, and other golf-related accessories are also designed specifically for young players.


Yard Club

Yard Club, U.S. Kids Golf's newest product, is a super-lightweight club designed to give the right start when first playing the game. The oversized aluminum head provides more hitting area that helps get the ball in the air! And since the grip is the most important part of the game, Yard Club comes with a special training grip for learning proper hand position. 

Designed for players who have never picked-up a golf club. A great club to use in the back yard while developing basic skill sets.

Ultralight Clubs

Beginning golfers will find continued success with Ultralight because each club is designed and engineered to promote maximum clubhead speed. 

Designed for players who have played some golf, but need a lighter club to improve club head speed.Basic golf skills are developing such as putting, chipping, and pitching.

Tour Series Clubs

For intermediate to advanced golfers, Tour Series offers the technology expected by serious players while maintaining the U.S. Kids Golf fitting philosophy. 

Designed for players who show intermediate-to-advanced skills, play competitive golf events, and have club head speeds above 54mph. Tour Series is a natural bridge that prepares a player for adult clubs.



Here at Core Golf we have the Full U.S. Kids Golf Fitting kit. We also hold in stock, single clubs & sets from the range.

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