About Bettinardi Golf

Bettinardi Golf began in 1991, when Robert Bettinardi walked into a golf shop in the South West suburbs of Chicago. He noticed a putter in the shop that said it was milled on a Bridgeport milling machine. The Bridgeport mill had been a standard in all general machine shops at the time, but was now becoming extinct with the invention of computerized milling (C.N.C.). Having the knowledge that his (C.N.C.) equipment would be a much better way to mill putters, he decided to call the company’s name on the back of the putter. One call and wouldn’t you know it, the O.E.M. golf company was looking for a new source.

From 1991 to 1998, Bettinardi Golf was considered the go to for all that wanted the best in milled putters. In 1999, Robert took a few of his designs and went to his 1st Tour event in Greensboro NC. It was at that tournament where history would be forever changed. Tour professional, Jesper Parnevik, chose a putter to try. It was love at first sight and the tournament record of 23 under par sealed the deal for Bettinardi Golf’s Future. With its 1st tour victory, Bettinardi Golf would go onto win more than 70 other tour events including a similar situation at the 2003 US open. Jim Furyk picked up a very different design called the Baby Ben. He then went on to victory for his and Bettinardi Golf’s 1st Major.

Throughout the next few years the company was becoming known for its highly engineered products, including its patented milled belt buckle. Beauty and craftsmanship are what distinguished the Bettinardi brand from all others. A state of art manufacturing facility and the finest engineers are what separate Bettinardi from the rest. It’s now your turn to feel what precision truly is.

Bettinardi Golf continues to innovate with arm-lock technology, counter-balance putters, improved wedges, additional face milling options, expanded product line, new finish techniques, and doubled manufacturing capabilities. From 2010 till present, Bettinardi has won 10 professional events, and numerous amateur tournaments around the world. Bob now has a new partner in his son Sam Bettinardi, as they both look to find innovative ways to improve their short game offering, and make the best golf products in the world.


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